How do I become an Oblate?

If you are looking for more in your spiritual journey, consider the Benedictine Oblate program.

This opportunity is open to:

  • Men and women (18 and over)
  • Christians of any denomination, state of life, and education background
  • Are you called to be a Benedictine Oblate?

An Oblate…

  • “offers one’s self in prayer and service within one’s dedicated family or single lifestyle”
  • Seeks God daily through study, prayer and conversion of life
  • Affiliates oneself formally with a particular Benedictine monastery while continuing to live in one’s own home and locale

Dedicating Yourself to God as an Oblate means:
+ Growing in God’s love and awareness of the presence of God in self and others
+ Seeing self as a steward and handle God’s gifts with gratitude and responsibility
+ Becoming holy in your chosen way of life by integrating prayer and work, manifesting Christ’s presence in society
+ Sharing in the Spiritual life of prayer and good works of the community.

As Oblates, there is a connection to our Monastic Community…..
Receiving the prayer support of the Sisters and praying for their intentions.
Binding oneself by a promise in sharing the Benedictine way of life and monastic values.
Gathering with others who share the same vision.
Carrying monastic values into the world by applying the teachings of the Rule of Benedict in daily living and service of others.  “The Benedictine way of life is a journey in living the values of the Gospel each day.”

Sister Lydia Armenta, OSB is the Director of the Oblate program.  She can be contacted at 602-527-4975.