Our community invites you to consider a vocation to religious life through the Benedictine way in Phoenix, Arizona. Our life is one of service to many people. As a Benedictine Sister you would live in community and work with a variety of ministries at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery or in ministries around the Diocese of Phoenix. We are blessed in the reality that formation for our community takes place here in Phoenix and you would be permanently here in the Diocese of Phoenix.

If you have a call to the Benedictine way of life, we would welcome the opportunity to discern with you. Our first step of discernment is for an individual to participate in the Oblate program so that both the individual and the community can get to know one another. From there the discernment would involve regular meetings with the community and the application process.

Each summer we offer a Monastic Experience where an individual can live our life during that time. This is a great opportunity for women to get to know the Benedictine charisms, spirituality, and community.

Please feel free to contact me through the Contact Us page and I will be happy to meet with you regarding a vocation.


Sister Linda Campbell, OSB


Are you called?


Take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

  • Are you a Roman Catholic woman?
  • Are you 21 years old or over?
  • Are you single and free to make vows?
  • Are you drawn to living in a community?
  • Are you active in your local parish?
  • Are you involved in ministry?
  • Do you have a prayer life?
  • Are you seeking to deepen your spiritual journey?

A vocation to the Benedictine Way of Life provides a Catholic single woman with:

  • Spiritual nourishment
  • A sense of fulfillment
  • A vibrant community life to share with others
  • A call to a counter-cultural lifestyle
  • Witnessing hospitality
  • A prayer life that is nurtured by community and personal reflection
  • An opportunity to witness Gospel values in service to others



First Steps: The formation period for a woman wishing to make a vowed commitment consists of postulant, novice and temporary profession [3-5 years] prior to making perpetual vows.

Postulant: A woman will enter into the postulantcy to continue the discernment of religious life with the Benedictine community. She lives and studies the Benedictine life. Participating in the prayer life of the community; working with the Sisters in the Monastery; and pursuing education; profession; and manual labor.

Novice: The focus of the novitiate year is further study of the Benedictine way of life and a study of the Benedictine Vows of Stability, Obedience, and Conversion of Life. The novitiate is one year plus one day in length. During this year the novice does not work or study outside of the Monastery.

Temporary Profession: During the temporary profession [three to five years in length] Sister continues to study the vows, the Benedictine Spirituality, prayer, and continues her college education or is involved in a ministry.

Perpetual Profession: Sister continues in discernment throughout temporary profession. At which time she believes that she is called to live the Benedictine Way of Life, she asks to make her perpetual commitment. At this time Sister receives her profession ring as a symbol of her lifelong commitment to God and the community.

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