Greetings and blessings! We are grateful for your visit and hope that our web provides assistance, guidance, and knowledge as you read about our community and our ministries.  The Sisters of St. Benedict are responding to a variety of needs through our various ministries at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery. If you would like to become involved at the Monastery we invite you to contact us.

Our Vision
Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery promotes a holistic life through balance, peace and harmony for personal growth in a global community.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Sisters of St. Benedict is to give witness to the Gospel values; and follow the Rule of St. Benedict by living our monastic life through the charisms of: Personal Prayer, Community Prayer, Hospitality and Ministering to the People of God.

Community Enrichment

The Sisters of St. Benedict at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery contribute to the health, literacy, and education of the Southwest Valley by providing a community spiritual assistance, peace filled prayer gardens; community refugee educational garden and a thrift store that assists our neighborhood and community.